July 28, 2016

Meme: What’s Your Favorite Type of Writing?

Latoya over at Writer’s Brew tagged me for the meme “What’s your favorite type of writing?” a while back. Here goes…

I consider myself a chameleon because I’ll write about almost anything and everything that strikes my fancy, but I’ve really developed a knack and a passion for writing about business and careers. It all began when I started freelancing for Young Money during college. Something just clicked. I love interviewing people about their internships or business plans because I can see the excitement in their eyes, hear it in their voice and its infectious. Capturing that entrepreneurial spirit on paper is a lot of fun.*

Plus, it’s like I’m getting paid to attend a one-on-one business seminar, because I’ve learned so much about what companies pay their interns the most (or not at all), when to solicit help from an independent consultant and how to manage a budget using nifty little tools like Buxfer and BillMonk. I’ve noticed a major disconnect between what colleges and career services tells students and what actually happens in the “Real World,” so I’m more than happy to share my experiences as a recent grad in the workforce. I enjoy the personal essay-meets-what-not-to-do-at-the-office sub-genre immensely.

And while we’re on the topic, I’d like to point out that career writer and Yahoo! Finance columnist Penelope Trunk is running a series all week long about being a freelance writer. She gives some good general advice with her signature Brazen Careerist slant, so check out today’s post on “How to be a Freelancer Without Starving.”

And now I’d like to tag Brian at The Writer Spot and April at These Words.

*I also tried dating an entrepreneur (not one of my interview subjects, of course) and, sadly, that’s not quite as fun.