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The Freelance Writer’s Ultimate Guide to Queries

Freelance Writer

Welcome to the new and improved Urban Muse! I recently switched to WordPress with the help of Joseph at Blog Tweaks and Martyn at Two Hour Blogger. Mr. Muse proposed that very same day (cue the sappy music), so I’m still working out a few bugs and getting caught up after being swept off my feet. In the meantime, I’ve gotten a few questions about querying, so I put together this list of resources.

In all honesty, I haven’t been as aggressive with querying as I used to be. That’s because I have so many reoccurring projects that I don’t need to constantly hunt down new ones. Yes, it’s exciting when you land a new assignment or score a gig with a new client, but reaching that point where you have several steady gigs, editors you work with on a regular business, yes, even clients who come to you with assignments means less hustling and more actual writing.

That said, if you want to write articles for magazines or websites, you’ll generally need a solid idea and a well-crafted query to get your first break.┬áHere are some tips to help you hone your querying skills.

Your turn! What do you think? Are there additional resources you’d add to this list? Do you love or hate querying?

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