July 27, 2016

Weekend Reading: E-Readers & Bringing New Eyes to Blog Posts

reading on a laptopNo guest posts this week, so instead I’m sharing a roundup of the links I’ve been reading lately. (By the way, you’re interested in contributing a guest post, now’s a great time to get in touch with me. Please check out the guest blogger guidelines first.)

–If you’ve been blogging for awhile, then Lexi Rodrigo offers some great ideas in her post, How to Bring New Eyes to Old Blog Posts.
–In an infographic called Uncovering the Freelance Economy, the Zaarly blog shows how writers stack against other types of freelancer.
–Considering buying an e-reader? Check out Kimberly Palmer’s article, Which E-Reader Has the Best Customer Service?, for a succinct breakdown of your options.
–Kelly James-Enger’s 10 Common Freelance Mistakes and How to Fix Them is a must-read for newbies and veteran freelancers alike, featuring lots of links to Kelly’s previous posts.
–Looking ahead to September (where did the summer go?), Emily Suess of Suess’s Pieces has announced a week of prizes and contests for writers, September 12-16. (Hat tip to Jake Poinier of Dr. Freelance for the tip.)
What have you been reading lately? Any links you’d recommend? Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Emily Suess says:

    Thanks for helping spread the word about Writers' Week. 🙂

  2. SERIN PAUL says:

    These links are really useful because it gets you into exploring new new techniques everyday thank you so much