May 27, 2016

Open Thread: What Are Your Must-Read Blogs?

A few weeks ago, I started updating my blogroll and discovered that several of the blogs listed no longer exist or haven’t been updated in ages. I’ve since purged those blogs, and I’d love to discover a few more worth adding. All of the blogs listed on my blogroll are related to writing or written by a close friend (or both). But I’d love to hear what other blogs you enjoyed reading (writing-related or not). Is it because of the blogger’s personality? Their useful tips? Or something else?

I have dozens of writing, freelancing, and marketing blogs saved in Google Reader. In addition, there are a few random ones that I follow just because. For instance, Wasabimon. It’s a cooking blog and while I’ve yet to try any of the recipes, I love the deliciously vivid, colorful photos and the food blogger interviews. Then there’s the WomenTALK blog, which explores women’s health issues in a friendly, conversational style. I could go on, but I can’t wait to read your recommendations. What blogs are on your must-read list?


  1. Steph Auteri says:

    Okay. This might get lengthy. I'll attempt to stick to my favorites.

    Aside from your blog, of course, I love Copyblogger for his quirky and concise posts about both blogging and copywriting; FreelanceSwitch for their always-practical posts on freelancing (and their dead-on Freelance Freedom comic); and Lisa Romeo Writes for her beautiful rendering of the writing life.

    When it comes to non-writing and non-freelancing blogs, I follow a bunch of love & relationship sites because of my job at YourTango. My favorite is The Frisky. I also follow What I Wore for fashion inspiration; Gawker for media gossip; The Bloggess for laughs; and The Awesomer for, well, awesomeness.

  2. Betherann says:

    I love my best friend's voice as she blogs about moving, marriage, crafts, and fashion at Mac and Me. I also really enjoy Sophia's blog on cooking, healing from anorexia, and school: Burp and Slurp (I mean, the name just SELLS you!). Heather Eats Almond Butter inspires me with her balanced exercise and tasty recipes which have enriched my palate. I'm sure many of your readers already know this one, but I also like The Freelance Writing Jobs Network.

  3. Catherine says: has great, positive energy, which I appreciate.

  4. Anonymous says: – yay Steph! I love your blog. Insightful and fun and honest. All about freelance. – good for wanna-be authors – authors with new releases blog about their books, plus timely reveiws – call for submissions listings you may otherwise never hear about – smart, savvy agent sounds off on current issues – keep up with what’s making waves in the book world

  5. I like the intern ( and Pimp my novel (

    My favorite food blog is tiny urban kitchen (

  6. Steph Auteri says:

    I can't believe I forgot The Freelance Writing Jobs Network. Thanks Betherann! I can't get over how prolific and servicey Deb Ng is.

    Oh! And thank you anonymous reader! I'm honored to be mentioned. :)

  7. Susan Johnston says:

    Thanks, everyone! I'm trying to resist the urge to wait until the weekend to check out all these great blogs.

  8. Write More says:

    Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online

    This blog features great tips for creativity, abundance, and blogging.

    Tammi Kibler

  9. Anonymous says:

    Here's another blog written by an aspiring novelist and freelance writer. The blog has a Christian perspective, and although I'm not that religious, I appreciate the blogger's heartfelt struggle. The comment section is always overflowing with ideas too.

  10. Delia Lloyd says:

    Hi Susan-I have loads of favorite blogs but here's a new favorite. It's called Book Snob and it's a great place to find (mostly fiction) reviews and suggestions. Also other assorted topics related to reading/bookstores etc.:

  11. BellaVida says:

    Great post. I'm familiar with many of the blogs mentioned and have bookmarked a few new ones. I love the follow button on blogspot and have a long list of blogs I visit regularly. You can see a long list on my profile.

    These are a few of my favs:
    For screenwriting tips
    Fairytale News
    Writing tips


  12. Victoria Mixon says:

    My favorite blog is the Bloggess. She doesn't blog about writing, she doesn't blog about food or mommyhood or being one of the top bloggers out there or anything else specific, at all. She just rants.

    Raving and carrying on, with lots of profanity, about her life and all the weird, bizarre little things that come up in her day.

    And she's hilarious.

    She's also enormously popular, getting half a million views a month, and speaks regularly at BogHer and other top conferences. She has caused an Internet fracas over Diet Pepsi that was picked up by AOL, gotten herself blocked by William Shatner on Twitter, and been accidentally voted (and disqualified) #1 on the Shorty Awards in the category of government.

    And if I'm lucky, she won't lose the interview questions she offered to answer for me. I asked her about writing humor.

  13. Icy Sedgwick says:

    Craziest Gadgets! It's brilliant – especially if you're a total geek like me.

  14. Well, besides this one and a number already on your list, these are my daily haunts:

    Market Copywriter Blog

    About Freelance Writing

    A Writer's Edge

    The Well-fed Writer Blog

  15. I suggest my girlfriend's blog, because her writing style is smart while being fun and her topics range from celeb trash, city must-see, reads, to art history (and the scandals behind it :).

    Jennifer Theriault's Pink Vanilla: