July 24, 2016

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Open Thread: What’s Your Freelance Forecast for 2010?

Peter Bowerman says that “what is the current state of freelancing?” is a bogus question. I agree with him that freelancing is too broad a discipline to make sweeping generalizations and that we should make our own luck, rather than feeling victimized by the economy. But I also think it can be useful to look at what strategies other freelancers are using, what they are charging, and other stats.

Perhaps that’s why Boomvang Creative Group released its Freelance Forecast 2009 (hat tip to Jenn at Life and Times of a Freelance Writer for pointing me to this report). I hadn’t heard of Jake Poinier or Boomvang Creative Group until last week, but I think it’s a genius way for Jake to spread useful information for freelancers and their clients while bringing traffic to his site. Seriously, Jake, it’s genius. And helpful, too.

I encourage you to fill out the Freelance Forecast 2010 survey (if helping fellow freelancers understand the marketplace isn’t enough incentive, there’s also a $100 Staples or iTunes gift card at stake). Since much of the survey is multiple choice or numbers-based, I’m interested in more qualitative information on where you see your freelance business (or the freelance industry as a whole) headed in 2010.

Many career experts foresee that freelancing and consulting arrangements will become the new norm. And since we’ve got a head start on the competition, I’d say that those who already freelance will find even more ways to thrive in the “gig economy.” I don’t foresee my income declining next year, because I’m still finding lots of new ways to fill the gap created by shrinking or dying print publications. It takes ingenuity, of course, but that’s an area where most freelancers excel.

What about you? Do you see the freelance field growing? What are your expectations for 2010? Or do you think it’s silly to ask even ask these kinds of questions?