July 23, 2016

5 Must-Read Posts for Writers

Lately my RSS feed has been overflowing with so many posts that I can scarcely keep up. So today I thought I’d share of the best posts from the past week. Enjoy!

  1. Are you a freelance writer or a journalist entrepreneur?: In this thought-provoking post, Michelle Rafter asks readers what’s in a name? It’s more a timely discussion of a topic I brought up on my this blog last year.
  2. The internet has created a new generation of great writers: I’m sick of hearing how Gen Yers can’t write, and in this post Penelope Trunk eloquently disputes that myth, showing how the web and social networking have actually improved writing skills.
  3. The Writer’s Best Friend? The Delete Key: In this post, NYT bestselling author Allison Winn Scotch explains why good writers are ruthless self-editors.
  4. DIY Publishing: What’s Worth Paying For?: Maria Schneider helps writers decide where to spend their money on self-publishing (hint: it’s not where publishers tell you to spend it).
  5. How to Be the Cool Kid (Even if You Weren’t One in High School): With his usual dose of wit and humor, James Chartrand tells bloggers that the secret to being cool is not trying so hard (among other things).

What posts have you enjoyed recently?


  1. The Attorney and The Writer says:

    What a great collection of insight with important take-away messages for us all!

  2. mainebuzz says:

    I love this post about a hotel in Amsterdam and their interesting ad campaign: http://mainebusiness.mainetoday.com/blogentry.html?id=15970#