July 27, 2016

Best Places to Write in Boston

Working from home is grand and all, but sometimes you just need to get out of the house and be around people. Over the last several weeks, I’ve conducted field research at several of Boston/Cambridge’s coffeeshops, cafes, and libraries to find the most optimal locations for writing. Now, I realize that many of you live elsewhere, but in case you’re ever in the area, you will already know where to go.

I chose ten locations based on: a) the availability of wireless internet and seating during the day, b) the willingness of staff to allow patrons to linger after they’ve finished their sandwich or drink (not buying anything would just be tacky) and c) the creativity of the environment (does it make me want to write? or do I want to finish my latte and find the nearest exit as quickly as possible?). Check out my list of 10 Freelance Havens in Boston, courtesy of Yelp.com.

What do you look for when you’re testing out a new writing spot? Where do you work best?


  1. Avid Writer says:

    Sadly, I have never had the opportunity to write away from hom much – except for sitting in waiting rooms with a laptop while my kids are in with the dentist, or waiting to see the doctor (which can give me nice long stretches of writing time). Maybe when school starts I will test this lovely idea out once a week for a nice change of pace.

  2. Patricia Robb says:

    I also have not written anywhere but home sweet home. Thanks to laptops and wireless Internet however I often dream of writing at a beachfront hotel, secluded away and only coming out when I feel like it. I want to be somewhere where I can let my imagination go and not be interrupted by the everyday of life.

  3. Damaria Senne says:

    I travel around the city and out of South Africa quite a bit, and have spent hours in hotel lobbies writing up a story or doing some research.

    I also write at airports after I’ve checked in; in reception rooms while I wait for my interview subjects and in coffee shops in Johannesburg, where I live.

    Outside my home or newsroom, my most favourite writing location is a corner in an undercover parking garage I found it by accident while waiting for a friend who was running late.

    I go there when i need peace and quiet to write.

    People parking their cars are not inclined to disturb a crazy woman typing up a storm in a parking lot, and the scheduled security patrol ensures I’m not completely isolated.

    I think someone else must have liked the space, because there was already a table and three chairs when I first noticed the space.

    There’s also a park near my house which I like. It has a big dam running through, with a couple of open air cafes near the water.